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Moisture Control

Crawl space foundations are found in many homes. Typically, these foundation types are equipped with operable vents designed to provide ventilation for moisture control. Unfortunately, venting a crawl space during air conditioning season allows for the migration of hot, humid outside air into the cooler environment inside the crawl space. Instead of drying the crawl space, ventilation actually increases the moisture load. Once present, moisture migrates to the colder floor framing surfaces where the wood moisture content elevates to a point ideal for fungal growth and wood damage.

Protecting Your Crawlspace –
Preventing Pests

Temperature stability makes crawl spaces an excellent location for air conditioning equipment, ductwork, and plumbing. However, high crawl space humidity during summer months may lead to condensation on ductwork and equipment damage. Additionally, high humidity provides an ideal environment for mold and wood rot. Long-term abatement of these problems must focus on eliminating the source, not treating the symptoms (i.e. spraying insecticides and re-insulating ductwork).

Research and experience has shown that unvented and conditioned crawl spaces provide better moisture control than vented crawl spaces and behave similarly to houses constructed with basements. Controlling the moisture in your crawlspace is crucial in long-term pest prevention.

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